PEAT substrate for azaleas and conifers

рН – 4,0-5,0

growing media

peat substrate for acid plants

     Peat substrate for the azaleas nd conifers is a product ready to use, which was  produced on base of quality white peat by adding macro and micro elements necessary for plants growing (N, P2О5, K2О, MgO, B, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Mo).

Substrate is characterized by low level of acidity which makes it optimal media for growing of acid plants. Thanks to its physical features Peat substrate for the azaleas and conifers provides optimal aeration of roots system, by this the growing of roots became quicker, which is very important at transplantation of plants.


     Content: peat, complex mineral fertilizer with microelements.


     Country of origin – Ukraine

     All components of substrate are of Ukrainian origin.


     Peat substrate for the azaleas nd conifers can be used for the cultivation, landing, transplantation of garden and home plants, which requires low level of pH – rhododendrons, azaleas nd conifers, blue berries and others.


-          for cultivation of different plants (including blooming);

-          for transplantation, landing, handling plants;

-          for growing herbs in containers;

-          for planting and cultivation of ornamental garden plants;

-          for preparation of other mixes for growing.


Method of the use:


- For replanting and landing of plants in containers or pots:

1. On the bottom of pot or container pour drainage (leca, vermiculite);

2. Pour some substrate;

3. Land a plant;

4. Add necessary amount of substrate to complete covering of the root and make the surface of substrate more compact;

5. Pour some substrate on a surface so that upper layer of substrate was loose.


      - For the landing of garden plants:

      1. To dig up the small hole of necessary size;

      2. On the bottom pour some substrate;

      3. Land a plant;

4. Add necessary amount of substrate to complete covering of the root and make the surface of substrate more compact, abundantly pour a plant with water;


In the case of necessity before the use, moisten the substrate, so that at a strong pressing in hands drops of water came out of substrate. Do not let a substrate surface to be dry.


Plants, landed in substrate need regular nourishing in 4-6 weeks after landing. For fertilizing, use solution of complex fertilizers in accordance with instruction of producer.


Facilities of safety:

Substrate is safe for an environment, does not contain hazardous for the health of man substances. The measures of personal hygiene are to be adhered during the work with Substrate. Do not eat Substrate!


Terms of storage

In the unharmed packing keep substrate in dry, well ventilated apartments separately from other fertilizers, food, forages and disinfection facilities, in inaccessible for children places.


Packaging: bag 10.0 l (+-5%)


Term of fitness: Minimum term of fitness - 3 years from the date of production, subject to condition of storage in the unharmed packing. The date of production is indicated on packing.


     Produced by recipes of AGRO CS Slovakia a.s.