Due to the characteristics, such as a good water holding capacity, porosity, low volume weight, high acidity, low content of nutritives, WHITE PEAT is acknowledged in the whole world as ideal raw material for the production of substrates (sdoils). However, in a natural kind, white peat is not widely used for plants growing becouse of high acidity and insufficient quantity of mineral elements. In order that plants felt comfort peat mixtures - substrates are produced. Substrates - are ready for using products, which any persons can use for transplantation, growing, sowing, reproduction of plants. White peat is this raw material, from which by means of additions the wide assortment of products both for the amateur use and for professionals can be produced.


     Till 2010, our company, SLL firm REKORD - supplyied white milled peat to the customers which prepare nesessary mixture for their own technology of growing or to the producers of peat substrates. After long studies of reviews on quality of the prepared product - substrate -, produced on the basis of our raw material by the European enterprises, our company made decision to start the own production of series of peat substrates FLORIO.

 peat soils

     The production of peat substrates takes place on a fully automatic line, which except the factor of human error in the process of dosage of components of substrates. A technological line consists of the system of dozing devices, mixer, packing complex and enables to produce the wide assortment of substrates, packed in the polyethylene sacks (bags) of loose volume 5, 10, 20, 50, 80 litres. A mixer, worked out specially for work with peat, makes mixture homogeneous and guarantees an identity of quality in each bag.

For adjustment of acidity, maintenances of nutritives (NPK) and microelements high-quality components of the Ukrainian origin are used.

     Peat substrates are shipped on wooden pallets for comfort of loading-unloading works.


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