SLL firm "REKORD" offers the supplying of peat and peat products to Ukrainian purchasers and for export. The main branch of activity of our company is - peat for agricultural purposes.

    Peat is an organic substance which was formed by nature with help of special climate conditions and conditions of water and mineral feeding in bog areas. All types of peat are divided into 3 main groups by degree of decomposition: lightly decomposed (white), middle decomposed and decomposed (black)


      Black peat is characterized by almost black color, high degree of decomposition (<35%), non-fibrous structure, low water holding capacity (not more than 400%). By structure, black peat, is like simple soil, bulk density is high (from 350 kg/m3 to 1000 kg/m3) in comparison with white lightly decomposed peat.


       White peat (lightly decomposed) is characterized by light brown color, low degree of decomposition, high content of fibrous. The agrochemical and physical characteristics make white peat very useful in agriculture as a growing media. High acidity in white peat (<4.5) makes impossible the growing for harmful organisms. Low bulk density (<250 kg/m3) and high water holding capacity (from 650% to 1200%) is very useful for container growing, when the question of saving water and mineral elements is very important.


     At the areas of peat field Morochno-1, where company REKORD works, white and black peat with low ash content are presented. White peat is prevailed. Peat is harvested by milling and gathering and is supplied in milled form

We supply next kinds of peat products:

- White peat in big-bales;

- Black peat in big-bales;

- Fuel piece peat (seasonably from June to August);

- peat fuel pellets;

- peat substrates


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