White peat (peat moss, lightely decomposed peat) is a valuable organic substance, which since olden times is used in agriculture for enriching of soils. In modern technologies of growing of various plants peat is widely used as a main component of soils. Peat is irreplaceable in container technology of growing of plants, in greenhouses, nurseries, for the industrial growing of champignons.

High-quality peat is harested on the licensed areas of peat field "Morochno-1", which is  sutuated in picturesque forest areas of Dubrovitsa district, Rivne region. This peat field differs in the stable indexes of quality of peat. Peat is harvested seasonaly with using both traditional and innovative methods.

Delivery of peat for export is carried out by a motor transport and sea containers.

Terms of cooperations for export are subjected to the separate discussion.


Every party of peat is accompanied by all necessary documents.

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