Peat substrate for home plants

рН – 5,0-7,0

peat substrates

growing media

      Peat substrate for home plants is a product ready to use, which was  produced on base of quality white peat by adding macro and micro elements necessary for plants growing (N, P2О5, K2О, MgO, B, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Mo).

    Peat substrate for home plants is characterized by high content of mineral elements. Balanced acidity and adding of mineral elements together make Peat substrate for home plants optimal media for roots growing. High water holding capacity and some other physical features of Substrate are useful for feeding the roots with moisture, mineral elements, and microelements and by this for growing of whole plant.


Content: peat, lime, complex mineral fertilizer with microelements.


Country of origin - Ukraine


     We recommend using Peat substrate for home plants for transplantation, landing, handling home pot plants.



- for plants, that need low pH (coniferous plants, azalea, blue berries and other) we recommend to use specialized "Substrate for azalea and coniferous plants" from the series of Florio.

- for sowing, reproduction, growing of yang plants and for growing of plants sensible to the high content of nourishing elements we recommend to use specialized "Substrate for sowing and reproduction" from the series of Florio.


Method of the use:


The substrate for home pot plants need to be changed each year. If it is necessary, land your plant in bigger pot.


- For replanting and landing of plants in containers or pots:

1. On the bottom of pot or container pour drainage (leca, vermiculite);

2. Pour some substrate;

3. Land a plant;

4. Add necessary amount of substrate to complete covering of the root and make the surface of substrate more compact;

5. Pour some substrate on a surface so that upper layer of substrate was loose.


In the case of necessity before the use, moisten the substrate, so that at a strong pressing in hands drops of water came out of substrate. Do not let a substrate surface to be dry.

We recommend limiting the water pouring first 10 days after transplantation for better forming of new roots. Please, do not put just transplanted plants at places with direct sun lights.


Plants, landed in substrate need regular nourishing in 4-6 weeks after landing. For fertilizing, use solution of complex fertilizers in accordance with instruction of producer.



Facilities of safety:

Substrate is safe for an environment, does not contain hazardous for the health of man substances. The measures of personal hygiene are to be adhered during the work with Substrate. Do not eat Substrate!


Terms of storage

In the unharmed packing keep substrate in dry, well ventilated apartments separately from other fertilizers, food, forages and disinfection facilities, in inaccessible for children places.


Packaging: bag 5.0, 10.0, 20, 50 l (+-5%)